2016 F-One Kiteboarding New Features


Here at Ocean Extreme Sports we are very excited to carry the 2016 F-One kiteboarding gear. 


    • F-One worked hard again with its flagship kite
    • For that 9th edition, they have worked essentially on:
      • Profile refinement and the swing of the kite to improve the riding when depowered
      • The kite is therefore more stable and performs better, with no parasitic movement
      • We have changed the fabric used on the trailing edge. This makes the kite lighter while avoiding flapping
      • The bar feeling is more than ever direct, accurate and clean
      • As always, all sizes are developed separately to give them a proper “personality”
        • Big sizes (from 11 to 17m) are optimized for light air riding with a particular focus on lightness and maneuverability
        • 8-9-10m are super-efficient in every kind of winds and disciplines
        • 5-6-7m are targeted at wave riding
      • The MONOLITH bar stays almost similar, but has a new color combos and a new stainless steel pulley on top of the depower strap
    • You saw that kite on top of every podium this spring and summer; Maxime Nochet is currently leading the international kite foil tour with the DIABLO; Joey Pasquali is the leader of our US Race Team and is in 4th place. He is also leading the bi-weekly race series in the Bay Area
    • Today it’s clearly the fastest ram air kite you’ll find on the market. Unlike other foil kites, you don’t need to be an expert to ride the DIABLO, but you can become one !
    • Available in sizes:
      • 6.4m / 8m with 48cm bar and 22m lines
      • 10m / 11m / 12m with 55cm bar and 24m lines
      • 15m / 18m with 62cm bar and 26m lines
  • TRUST:
    • Freeride kite and best kite for schools - Check the School program, it has been attractive pricing
    • The 2015 version will be the sane for 2016. We have some stock and we will be offering the 2015 pricing until the next production, which for now is next spring. Use your 2015 pricing order form for it.
    • TRUST pack is available with NEXT
    • 5 struts kite will come later in the season
  • SURFS:
    • Same construction as 2015, and it proved to be super light and bomb proof
    • Same length / width / volume than 2015 on existing models
    • No more Signature 6’0 but a new 5’8
    • No more Mitu 6’0 but a new 5’4
    • New flashy graphic designs, with different color combos per size
    • On the 5’4 and 5’6 Mitu’s, there is more rocker, they are wave machine
    • On the 5’8 and 5’10 Mitu's, we reduced the concave under fins area to free the board during turns and make it more progressive
    • All Mitu's are well suited to waves and freestyle strapless: some riders love small boards for freestyle strapless because they can turn better with it, others prefer bigger boards because it’s easier to land
    • Same thing in waves, it depends about what riders prefer but also about size of waves and their style of riding
    • Long distance guns are available on special order
    • NEW PLATINUMᶟ pads and straps with 3 tuning axes + ergonomic triple density EVA pad
    • Lower retail price across the board for all TTs !
    • Same range but new technology on the HRD construction: the LITE TECH
    • Thanks to a transparent resin, HRD boards are shining like neons
    • New TRAX Girl in sizes 135 & 136
    • New ACID Next Generation in size 130 x 39
    • Initial feedback on the freeride hydrofoil has been very promising – Here is one article about it by iksurfmag.
    • Unfortunately, as you noticed, production has been very slow. However, it has been much better these past several weeks
    • We still have a long back log to fulfill but I’m confident this should be taken care off in the fall
    • F-One has started a new collaboration with a second factory to increase the production capacity. Thank you for your patience
    • As you can see on the catalog, the board foils range was totally modified, with the creation of full carbon foil boards. I believe we have the largest collection of foilbaords available on the market
    • Mitu’s range will be offered as a “convertible” in the sizes 5’6 - 5’8 – 5’10. This is the perfect combo to surf and foil depending on conditions with only one board.


Kite Technology 


DELTA C-SHAPE technology design offers unmatched stability and steering response when fully de-powered, with the possibility of connecting the front lines higher on the leading edge of the kite.

DELTA C-SHAPE is a patented design used by F-ONE on all kites for the past 8 years.

This shape was the result of a design research towards maximum optimization of the aerodynamic performances of the kite and of its depower. It gives the possibility to fit more canopy area in the middle sections to create more projected area while the C Shape makes sure the kite remains responsive and fluid. 

The EVO De-power concept is a simple 4 line system with a 4m long Life Line featuring a V shaped bridle with a pulley system on each of the front lines.

This simple system offers complete safety and allows for increased de-power by finely tuning the angle of attack of the kite.

When the quick release is activated the EVO system becomes the Life Line and the kite lands safely on its back with immediate and total power kill.

EVO De-power offers complete control with direct and responsive steering in all riding conditions.

Sheeting the bar in and out is very progressive even with the kite fully de-powered.

Unhooked the kite remains light and very predictable, inspiring confidence so you can progress faster.


Once the kite is sitting with the leading edge flat on the water, its C-shape associated with the Delta Pivot allows the kite to automatically roll over onto one wing tip.
The kite will then glide towards the edge of the window, ready for quick and easy water re-launch. 



Kites with extended de-power ranges sustain more pressure across the canopy as they experience an increased frequency of use over a wider wind range.

Consequently F-ONE has developed a completely new structure for the Bandit, offering optimized durability with no additional weight gain

The FORCE FRAME is a solid Dacron structure consisting of the leading edge, the trailing edge and the struts.

This high strength skeleton structure is then covered with lightweight Spy material in the least vulnerable areas.

TECHNOFORCE™ of TEIJIN is a high density Polyester  fabric with a tear stopping structure using thin and high tension yarn.

The struts are fused with the canopy all the way along the canopy profile where they are integrated into the FORCE FRAME.

This increases the rigidity of the Force Frame and reduces drag by creating a clean and well balanced structure.