2016 Airush Kiteboarding Features

2016 Airush Kites

    1.  Dyneema Load Frame: Building off the Aramid Load Frame, Airush has sewn dyneema strands (yes, the material your kite lines are built out of, but thinner) in a strategic pattern to prevent your canopy from stretching as much. This has reduced stretching by 30% and in return your kite will last you much longer and fly more true over time. No more bagged out kites that flap in the wind. 

     2.  TECHNOFORCE/ D2 Ripstop: This premium fabric is used in conjunction with the Dyneema Load Frame for the ultimate combination of durability and performance. Ongoing testing has highlighted the lowest stretch and UV stability, along with highest long-term reliability of any materials.


Increased wall thickness and oversized diameter of the tubing eliminates tube kink and reduces stress on your pump, which facilitates quick and easy inflation.


Gradient load wingtips integrate progressive density cloth in the high load areas radiating from the attachment points.

Bomb proof trailing edge (TE) construction featuring a 3 layer tapering of heavy duty dacron material to increase durability of the te. Available on the DNA and Lithium


The new 4-piece strut has added a double folded straight stitch seam aligned with a 20mm wide webbing strip to reduce point of wearing. This increases durability and rigidness of the struts in all Airush kites.


The Unity Strut Connection provides a solid point connection from strut to leading egded to create a stiff structure which helps in performance and relaunching. The Unity Strut Connection working in conjunction with the 4 Piece Struts allows for a thinner and lighter strut.


Made of tough Zytel material for high strength and resistance to abrasion and impact, the Airush Pulley has the pigtails hole directionally correct to eliminate bridle wear.  With a breaking strength of 550 kg, the Airush pulley was designed specifically for use on all Airush kites.



A Leading Edge connection seam with a slick 19mm soft webbing reinforcement to handle harder crashes. Increased mark cloth sections at the front of all canopy seams at the leading edge to stop stitching and seam wear points

2016 Airush Bars


The Airush Bars have safety as first priority. An industry standard Brain Quick Release and color-coding on all parts makes the Airush system perfect and hassle free for all riders. Continuing for 2016, the LOW Y on the center lines allows for a quick single flag out for those situations where you need it the most.



Featured on the AP and Diamond & Core bar is the all-new Narrow Diameter Grip. For 2016, these bars decreased in thickness from 23mm to 18mm. The Narrow Diameter Grip is perfectly comfortable for smaller hands or for riders looking to do constant handle passes.

18 mm Diameter AP and Diamond Bar

       3.  4-WIDE (Core Bar adjusts width to 4 settings)

The Core Bar (2015 Smartbar with slight modifications) features a truly unique system with 4 full size options in a single bar. With a few simple and quick changes between the all-new bar ends and the exclusive pin adjustment system, the Airush Core Bar gives the rider the option of a 45-52-55–62 length bar. The Airush Core Bar can be used on all Airush inflatable kites from our biggest race kite to our smallest freeride kite. The AP & Diamond Bar feature adjustable bar ends allowing for customization between 41 and 48cm width from the largest to smallest kite in their intended range.

      4.  SOFT TOUCH

The Airush Soft Touch is a durable rubber molding encasing the bar ends. With a softer bar end, the Soft Touch prevents surfboard dings while adding an element of safety and comfort.