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CoreVac Cannibal Blade 7'4

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Cannibal Blade Paddle Surf-Board

The CoreVac Cannibal Blade is the highest performance shape from Cannibal. It has similar attributes and outline to the well know Assassin model but features a thinner profile, convex instead of concave deck, thin rails that really hook up when the surf get's larger and 5 fin FCS-II layout. If you're looking to take your paddlesurfing to the top level the Blade is the only choice you should be making. 


Dimensions: This Blade 7'8 will float an intermediate paddle surfer who weighs upto 190lbs. It's a high performance board ready to tackle the best of surf and surfs like a shortboard. This board is also fun in the small mushy stuff too. Expect later drops and hacks off the lip with this performance paddlesurfboard. 

7'4" x 28 3/4" x 4 1/4" @ 98L


From the Manufacture (CoreVac Cannibal)

  • No issues with resin shinkage changing to shape of the board. Every poly board is different from the last one because the resin shrinks dramatically when it kicks off. We lock down every board into an exact rocker position, so we can control the outcome of the ride. You really can get an exact replica magicboard.
  • The center of gravity moves way back behind the front foot as the weight of the fibers and fins are more pronounced in those areas. This make the board stick to your feet and rotate about that center of gravity much quicker without losing speed  ( this is a whole book in itself on benefits…. I need to write a paper here…..)
  • We recycle all of our leftover foam.
  • All material are fabricated in the USA. (FCS Fusion box is our only import)