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Have you ever wondered what's it's like to ride a wave on a paddleboard in St. Augustine, FL?

We only do our Paddlesurf Clinic if we have favorable conditions. Please register online so we can contact you if we cancel. 

Join Ocean Extreme Sports at the Ocean Trace Beach Ramp, the stoplight south of the Publix by The Oasis Restaurant on Sunday morning's from 8:30-10am.

- Bring your own equipment and join for FREE.
- You can also RENT or DEMO one of our SUP Surf boards, please register.

What you will learn.
1. Safe Paddling Conditions- This isn't flat water, the waves bring a whole new level of balance into the equation, know when not to go and find your limitations.

2. Proper Stance- We'll teach you the easiest way to get your board through the white water and incoming waves on your way out to the lineup and how changing your stance can improve getting into and through waves.

3. Surfing Etiquette- As Paddle Surfer's, we have an advantage catching waves from the outside, don't forget about the guy sitting further in and know how to control your board.

We're all out here to have a great time, share the waves and ask questions if you have them.