Riviera Paddleboards

We offer several models of boards from Riviera Paddlesurf including the Original 10'6, 11'6, 9'2 Nugg, Turbo Nugg and more..

Why do we sell Riviera Boards? 

Riviera brings an affordable product to market based off years of research & development. They build quality boards in several shapes and constructions we stock at our shop in St. Augustine, FL. The 9'2, 10'6 & 11'6 are great choices for your first paddleboard depending on your size and whether you want to paddle flat water, the surf or a combination of both. 

They're a well known brand that has proven shapes and continuous improving manufacturing techniques. New for 2016, all blanks are blow molded for consistency in shapes, lighter weight and a stronger end product.

With the introduction of Carbon deck patches and Kevlar rails to their base models, you will not find another board in this price range that is as light or as well constructed, these ARE the best bang for your buck in NE Florida. We also SHIP FOR FREE to RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL addresses on 2016 boards.

CODE: #Riviera2016

Even if we don't have something in stock, it only takes 2 days to get a board from their warehouse or we can ship one directly to your front door. 

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