Ozone Kites

Inspired by the elements driven by nature. Built and tested purely by riders for riders, the ozone line up will inspire your passion for kiting whether you're on the flats, waves or snow.

The CATALYST V1 is their entry level kite, designed and built for enthusiastic beginners who are looking for a gateway into the sport. Its large wind range and intuitive water relaunch ability make it the perfect first kite. Their ENDURO V1 has been designed as a versatile intermediate-advanced kite. If you're a rider who shreds a wave one day, then picks up a twin tip for freestyle the next, this kite will keep up with you. The REO V4 was designed purely for the waves, its boasts an impressive ability to float down the line while maintaining a direct feel in the bar. Their C4 V6 was designed with one thing in mind, being a purebred C-kite, kite loops, unhooked ability and explosive pop make this a freestlye legend to look out for. For light wind, the ZEPHYR V5 will get you out on the water while your friends stare on in envy from the beach. Its light weight design and straighter leading edge ensures that the 17 handles like a 13. For their race and big air devision, they have the EDGE V8. It has a highly efficient profile designed for generous boosting and a progressive power delivery. The UNO V2 is essentially a trainer kite designed to introduce friends and family into kiting, in a safe and affordable way. Last but not least are the foil kites; The CHRONO V2 is the ultimate allrounder, excelling on snow and water, it covers the basis of all styles of riding. Its also available in lighter higher grade materials in the CHRONO V2 ULTRALIGHT version. The R1 V2 is a high performing dedicated race kite with its high space ratio designed for speed.

Inspired - Ozone Team Kiteboarding in New Zealand from Ozone Kites on Vimeo.