2016 Manera EXO Harness

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One of our favorite waist harnesses on the market. 

Comfortable, easy to get on and off.  If in need, you can completely dissemble it in seconds by the pull of a pin, making this harness the safest we have found.

Here is what Manera has to say about it:

What happens when a kiteboarding company pushes the limits?  When we launched the EXO harness two years ago, our close collaboration with a Human Kinetics science laboratory gave us a new approach of this product and resulted in a technological breakthrough compared to what existed on the market. For 2016 we have continued to work on the same technologies to bring them to an even higher level. Changes were made in both the structure and the materials, improving both comfort & durability on the EXO.

The look & durability of a harness are very important aspects and we wanted to improve both of them. Our design team has been looking for the best possible materials in terms of look, colors and durability, including RIP STOPS, PU, 600D, SOFT TOUCH and PREMIUM NEOPRENE, all chosen to match well together and all tested to resist to the most extreme conditions. This materials research makes the harness look sophisticated and modern, far away from the regular EVA thermoform you can find on the market. Plus, the EXO harness is now stronger and more resistant than ever.

We realized that when it comes to comfort, the fit is essential. Pre-forming all the material layers that compose the harness during manufacturing created the ERGONOMIC PREFIT technology. The first version of the ergonomic prefit really helped to adapt actively to the movements of the body, and provides freedom, flexibility and softness. The goal for 2016 was to improve it. We reworked on this manufacturing process to pre-shape the EXO in a way to fit better around the waist. The result is impressive as the new model clips around your body like if it was meant to be here. The Energy Dispersion Frame is a molded plastic injected frame with a hexagonal structure. Built with various degrees of stiffness and volume, to control its flex and resistance,

 Its main advantage and innovation lies in its connection to the spreader bar through webbing and buckles. The loads are transferred directly and the frame therefore receives 100% of the Kite power. Its design and structure helps distribute consistently the pressure over a much wider area. Pressures are no longer concentrated on a narrow area of the back, which protects the rider and prevent him from having to compensate with his lumbar muscles. This technology brings a new vision on the energy transfer science and provides the rider with a comfort never seen before, and an incredible freedom, like wearing no harness.

 Different thicknesses of this new foam that lines the entire interior volume of the harness are used according to the pressure absorption needs. It provides better cushion under tension with optimum comfort. The harness will give the rider a maximum range of motion and flexibility. Over time the foam keeps its original shape and thickness, maintaining the comfort of the harness.

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