Kitesurf Lessons

Kitesurf Lessons in Saint Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida. 

Ground School- Learn the basics: Safety, Rigging, Launching, Basic flying maneuvers. The Ground school starts in a classroom setting at Ocean Extreme Sports and finishes on the beach learning to fly a 4 Line Inflatable kitesurfing kite. 

Private Pilot- Get in the water: Body Drag, Self Rescue, Water Starts. This 6 Hour Course teaches you all the necessary water skills to become a proficient kiteboarder in a safe, controlled environment. 

Hourly- Additional Lessons, Advanced Lessons, Kite Surf Lessons, IKO Card Cert.

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Our lessons can be scheduled anytime you're available and we have an opening on the schedule. For the Ground School, we don't need much wind to get started. For Private Pilot, scheduling is first come first serve based on the wind and forecast.