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2018 Ultra V1 | Airush Kites

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Weighing in at 3.7 pounds, this kite has been designed for minimum wind conditions. Here is a look at the the performance that comes from such a lightweight design and the technology involved.


The ULTRA is designed to fly in marginal gusty/light wind conditions. Its design means that you can ride a size smaller than other kites while maintaining responsiveness and easy relaunch capabilities. Its so light that it has entered the realm of foil kites, without the difficult relaunch and other complexities. It has predominantly been designed to ride with foil boards but is great to use for twin tips and waves.


The NEW DYNEEMA LOAD FRAME has been expanded throughout the areas that were previously reinforced with Dacron saving a considerable amount of weight without sacrificing durability. The Dyneema yarns carry the primary load of the canopy preventing stretch and thus durability.

An all new WEBTECH design replaces the heavier Dacron with Dyneema making the kite both light weight and strong.

A V3 BRIDLE SYSTEM is key to giving this kite unparalleled turning speed and depower. The position of the bridles and pulleys give the perfect combination of a light bar feel with enough direct response to really feel the kite, even when fully de-powered.

The TECHNOFORCE D2 fabric used on this kite has survived vigorous testing and emerged as the highest long term reliable fabric available. It is used in combination with the dyneema load frame, making it low stretch and highly UV stable.

The FBI (fast bladder inflation) system uses a single point inflation and deflation system with a large diameter tubing to get you out on the water faster than the rest!

Airush BUMPERS can be found throughout the leading edge in order to increase the longevity of your kite by reinforcing it against the typical wear and tear it may receive on rough surfaces.