F-One Kites

F-One kite gear blends attention to detail with construction quality and unparalleled performance, all for an affordable price. "We are not involved with kiteboarding because it is trendy or fashionable... We are here because of passion." Raphael Salles, Founder of F-One

The BANDIT has had 11 generations of development and remains their core kite, making it one of the most refined and best selling kites in their range. Suitable for all disciplines of kiteboarding; the BANDIT X excels in waves, boosted jumps and unhook freestyle. The 12 and 14 meter standout in turning speed and stability in lighter winds. 

The BREEZE is their lightwind/foil edition that is designed to get you up and moving in the lightest conditions, while remaining maneuverable and easy to water relaunch. 

The FURTIVE is the high-performance/hangtime model designed to boost you to the moon and keep you there thanks to its high aspect ratio and moderate ARC. 

The DIABLO is their racing foil kite designed to put you on the podium, having proven itself by taking podiums in 2016. 

The TRUST is a kite dedicated for free riding. It is easy to use but still high performance, benefitting from the progress achieved in construction and shape by its elder sibling, the BANDIT XI.