Core Kites

Core Kites are German designed from the best in the industry. Out of the bag you'll notice the quality of these kites with top notch stitching and materials.

The Core Kite Nexus is a great beginner to intermediate kite that offers an easy to re-launch delta-hybrid shape that provides performance on flat water as well as the waves. The Core XR5 is designed to Cruise, Boost and Race. This 5-Strut delta-bow handles gusty conditions with ease while delivering boosts to the moon.

The Sensor 2 Bar is designed to be light, direct and safe. It features a titanium core, rotor quick release, auto untwist with EVA grip and German made lines. The Sensor 2S updates the Sensor 2 with ceramic bearings to eliminate friction.

For even more reduced weight check out the titanium/ carbon Sensor 2S Pro Bar.