Cabrinha Kites

Cabrinha remains one of the top brands in kitesurfing, keeping an open mind to all disciplines of riding and new technologies has helped them to be on the forefront of the kitesurfing industry for 18 years. 

The SWITCHBLADE is their freeride/crossover kite, crafted for riders who are searching for a high performing predictable kite. If you are a varied rider and switch between multiple riding styles, this kite is for you.

The RADAR has been designed with ease of use in mind, being extremely rider friendly and having incredible water relaunch abilities, it is at home free riding or on the waves. It makes a great first kite.

The DRIFTER is for you if your style is more to surf on the waves or enjoy stapless freestyle riding, characterized by its ability to slack line drift as you ride down the line of a wave.

The FX has perfectly merged freeride and freestyle for the aspiring intermediate rider, it unhooks, loops and boosts effortlessly. Express your inner maniac with this kite!

The CHAOS is the no nonsense, high performance, competition freestyle C-kite for those looking for the highest performing kite in the range.

The CONTRA is a light wind machine, designed to perform in the lightest conditions without sacrificing responsiveness. So if you live in a place where you spend a lot of time waiting for the wind, this is the kite for you!

The APOLLO is the newest on the range, a bow kite designed with a high aspect ratio that will match the riders speed and acceleration. It is perfect for foil boarding or speed kiting.