Axis Boards

Axis Kitesurf Boards

The Axis Vanguard Kiteboard is the perfect all around board for the average rider. It's easy enough to progress as a beginner but has enough performance for intermediate riders throwing down huge tricks. With multiple grooves on the bottom an moderate rocker, the Vanguard eats chop, flies upwind and lands butter smooth every time. 

The Patrol Kiteboard from Axis Kiteboarding is a lightwind board shaped like a normal twin tip to offer performance in the lightest of winds. Where most lightwind boards compromise all performance for low end, the Patrol is still lots of fun to throw around while jumping in the light stuff. Pick up an Axis Patrol 145cm or 148cm to get you on the water in the single digits with the right kite.

For intermediate to advanced riders, or riders wearing boots, the Limited is pretty much a carbon version of the Vanguard. The lighter, stiffer, stronger deck generates more pop when you're loading up and sending the kite while still maintaining the vanguards great features.