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Airush Kites offer industry leading construction with a Dyneema Load-Frame built into the kite's Technoforce D2 canopy. This feature prevents stretching over time and distributes a more even load throughout the canopy. Coupled with an XL inflate/ dump valve, safety handles, bumpers and kevlar reinforcements, choosing an Airush product will leave you satisfied for years to come. 

For beginners and those looking to FreeRide, the Airush Lithium and Airush DNA are great choices. They both have excellent re-launch and a Delta-hybrid and Delta platform respectively.

The New Airush Ultra is a great choice for freeride foilboarding, lightwind and travel.

The Union is a great upgrade in performance from the Lithium for those pushing themselves further in the sport. Don't expect the same low end of the Lithium but it turn's much faster, is great un-hooked, and holds it's own in the waves as an all-around kite.

For those on a strapped or strapless kitesurf board, look no further than the Airush Wave kite. Coming into it's 6th year in 2018, the Wave delivers down the line drift, quick turns and instant de-power when needed.