The professional women kiters of our time.

The professional women kiters of our time.

Bruna Kajiya.


This Brazilian won the title of world champion with Airush Kiteboarding back in 2009 but has other impressive titles such as 2010, 2011 & 2012 Vice World Champion and  2016 GKA Rider of the Year. Impressive by any standards! Check it out for yourself! 



Pauline Valesa.


Born and raised in France, she has professional titles such as 1st - French Junior Championship 2014 and European Junior Cup 2014 and more. She now is a professional rider for F-One Kiteboarding and is competing regularly.


Theresa Taabbel.

 This Dane is ranked 4th in the Championships in her home country Denmark, as well as numerous other note worthy international competitions. She now rides for the well know Cabrinha Kiteboarding.




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