Predicting the wind: How to read a forecast

Predicting the wind: How to read a forecast

Predicting the wind is a key skill if you want to be a successful kitesurfer. There are several sites and apps available but Wind Alert and IKitesurf seem to be the most accurate for this region. You can search for your location on a "Wind Map" on the website and choose the location that is closest to your kite spot.

 When you choose your location, you can choose between reading a live graph that records the wind speed in real time and the forecasted wind. The live graph is useful when you'd like to know the exact wind at your kite spot and the forecast will predict the wind that is yet to come.



The forecast shows the sustained wind speed on top and the gusts on the bottom. It also gives the wind direction, predicted cloud cover, rain predictions, temperature, wave height and wave periods. All the information needed to kite apart from the tides.


But always remember, these forecasts update regularly so expect them to change. The best way to do it is to check regularly, and adapt to the changing conditions. In general the large storm systems tend to move a couple days later when predicted a week ahead. Good luck and happy kiting!





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