Pete Cabrinha; The man behind the brand.

Pete Cabrinha; The man behind the brand.

Pete is a true waterman who has international titles in surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. As the founder of Cabrinha Kiteboarding, Pete has the opportunity to travel the world pairing his technical skills in photography with his off center painting techniques to capture the essence of a life lived above and below the water.

Pete Cabrinha from Waterman League on Vimeo.


His knowledge truly shines through on the gear he produces, here is a look at some of the kites and boards he designs;

 Cabrinha remains one of the top brands in kitesurfing, keeping an open mind to all disciplines of riding and new technologies has helped them to be on the forefront of the kitesurfing industry for 17 years. Shop our collection of Cabrinha kites and boards with these links #CABRINHAKITES #CABRINHABOARDS



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