How to wrap up your bar...the correct way!

How to wrap up your bar...the correct way!

There is no worse feeling than being on the beach when the wind is good and you've pumped up your kite, only to be delayed by your bar which has transformed itself into something that resembles a birds nest or a pile of spaghetti! All this can be avoided if you correctly wrap up your bar after each session and doing so will save you a ton of stress and time! These are the steps we recommend;

Lay the lines out fully while checking the lines for knots or signs of fraying/damage.

Knots need to be taken out of the lines because they can cause the line to snap when under pressure. If the knot is really tight and seems impossible to undo, I'd recommend soaking it in water for an hour and gently tapping at the knot with a hammer until it loosens enough that you can get a grip on it.

Wrap the lines up starting with both power lines and one steering line.

Grab all the lines in one hand and begin to wrap it up in a figure 8 pattern.

It should look something like this!

Use the elastic that comes standard with most bars to tightly secure each end to prevent it from coming loose and tangling or tie off each end with a simple hitch knot.

Remember, if you wrap up your bar correctly it will make setting the lines up much easier on yourself so best of luck and happy kiting to you all!

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