Mitu Monteiro. Meet the rider, his board and the technology that makes it great.

Mitu Monteiro. Meet the rider, his board and the technology that makes it great.

Strapless Freesylyle is one of the newest disciplines of kiteboarding. It involves throwing aerial tricks, spins and kick flips on a surfboard and damn does it look cool!

Mitu Monteiro

Mitu Monteiro is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of the sport, crowned KSP World Champion in 2008 for strapless riding 6 years after being introduced to kiteboarding. He was born in Cape Verde in 1983 and is a team rider for the well known F-One Kiteboarding. He has his own board named after him, the Mitu Monterio Pro Model. Here is a taste of how he rides;

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Developed alongside strapless legend Mitu Montiero, this board is in its 4th edition and remains a best seller. The outline of the board is designed to make it more responsive for tricks, while being wide enough to get a lot of lift and making the most of the waves energy. On the bottom they have kept a single concave that guarantees early planning and quick acceleration. On the 5’6 and a new 5’4, they benefit from a bit more rocker on the tail to achieve more maneuverability and control, especially in the surf.



The HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE construction includes a high density foam sandwich, with optimized flex to improve reliability, provide superb comfort and better maneuverability while keeping the boards lighter.

The HEEL SHOCK ABSORBER featured on the deck softens all impacts and landings for the rider while increasing the overall strength of the board. With the compact outline and the rounded nose, we have achieved a shorter board which keeps some great directional stability.

The CAMEL DECK shape is dipped in the centre and raised on the edges to help nestle your feet into the board for an incredible control while the grab rail at the front will help out during the tricks.

A TRI-FIN set up is for a faster ride and a lighter weight for the tricks.


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