Freeride Twintips. An ode to the easy free rider.

Freeride Twintips. An ode to the easy free rider.

This is our personal collection of Freeride Boards, designed for a smooth ride and ease of use.


This board has been designed for entry level riders. Its Paulownia wood core blends the perfect combination of flex and durability. For 2017 they have given her wider tips to provide better stability, upwind capabilities and low end performance. All these factors combined make the VOX quite soft and very easy to manage, a perfect first board.


This board has been designed as an allrounder, it is able to adapt and excel to all the disciplines of kiteboarding. The Spectrum is a fun a lively board thanks to its generous amounts of flex and thin rails. The lightweight design has a single to double concave bottom shape, to promote the flow of water and thus upwind performance. The outline makes it glide through choppy water and maintains enough surface area for great pop. It works well in an extremely wide range of conditions for just about any riding style.


The Allround has been designed as an affordable, high quality board that not only looks cool but performs extremely well. It has a new outline and a single concave bottom with squared off tips that give it a smooth comfortable ride that tracks effortlessly upwind. It is a incredibly easy to use, comfortable board with soft flex and decent pop that delivers fantastic performance on the water for all levels and style of rider.


The NEXT has been designed as the ultimate freeride board. It has rounded tips that make it very forgiving and a straight rocker for faster planing, especially in the larger sizes. Its single concave bottom and flex ensures that it absorbs chop, making it easy to use even in rougher conditions. Its construction feature ABS side walls and a reinforced deck making the NEXT extremely durable, no matter what you throw at it.


The 2017 Misfit is a free ride board designed to ride in all conditions and styles. It is Slingshots longest running board and therefore they have had time to refine and develop it into the chop eating, upwind tracking beast it is today. It has a mild rocker and stiffer flex pattern that accentuates its upwind capabilities and also gives it a decent pop off the water. Its laser cut NACA channels give it a firm grip on the water and helps channel water to generate speed effectively. Its wood core construction is durable and dynamic.

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