An introduction to Foilboarding

An introduction to Foilboarding

Live in a place were the wind is light most the time? Have you ever wished there was some way you could get out onto the water in super light winds? Foiling might just be the answer you're looking for, it is the newest discipline in kiteboarding and can get you out on the water in the lightest of winds, so lets see what the hype is all about!


The foil board is enabling riders to ride in extremely light conditions due to the reduced drag caused by the foil lifting the board out of the water. Sure, some of you might be thinking that you could always just buy a large volume board and a 18 meter kite, but if you have ever flown a kite over 14 meters you will know that they are slow and hard to handle. With a foil board you can ride a 12 because once the foil lifts you out of the water, as the speed increases, the kite generates its own wind and thus power! Not to mention that you glide effortless over the chop as opposed to ploughing through it!


F-One make an array of foils and foil boards. The mast of the foil comes in different lengths to adapt to the different depths you'll be riding in depending on the location you'll be riding. The wing itself comes in two options; freeride or race. Obviously we would recommend starting with then freeride version! The boards come in different sizes like surfboards do, the larger volume boards are more suitable for beginners and tend to be more forgiving while the smaller are a little more advanced. If you want a kite surf board that can be converted to a foil, we would have to recommend the F-One Mitu Convertible. A great 2 for 1 deal!


This is a truly unique board that offers a 2 for 1 concept. It is a surfboard that can be ridden on waves or for strapless freestyle as well as having that attachment point that converts it to a foil board! Its deep concave on the bottom means that it has great acceleration to take off effortlessly while the rocker and shape of the board make transitions easier and more progressive. The large pad designed for strapless riding enable a wide riding stance for maximum comfort and stability. 



 The HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE construction includes a high density foam sandwich, with optimized flex to improve reliability, provide superb comfort and better maneuverability while keeping the boards lighter.

The HEEL SHOCK ABSORBER featured on the deck softens all impacts and landings for the rider while increasing the overall strength of the board. With the compact outline and the rounded nose, we have achieved a shorter board which keeps some great directional stability.

The CAMEL DECK shape is dipped in the centre and raised on the edges to help nestle your feet into the board for an incredible control while the grab rail at the front will help out during the tricks.

Equipped with attachment points for tuning and with the all-conical KF-BOX for an easy assembly, these boards offer compatibility with most of the foils available.

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