F-One Rider; Mickael Fernandez

F-One Rider; Mickael Fernandez

Mickael Fernandez is a French national who lives in Montpellier, France. He was born on the 26th March 1975 and is a team rider and equipment developer for F-One Kiteboarding. He rides a broad range of riding styles but is most known for his crazy old school tricks. Here is a taste of what he does best;


 His kite and board of choice; 



This is the tenth edition of the F-ONE Bandit, it has been F-One's best selling kite for over a decade. Whether you are learning your first jumps, riding strapless on waves or throwing unhooked tricks, the Bandit always delivers. The patented DELTA C SHAPE concept that was developed with the BANDIT answers to all disciplines of kiteboarding. 





The TRAX HRD has been designed as a freestyle board. It absorbs chop beautifully thanks to its thinner tips and remains responsive by maintaining a flatter deck shape. Its construction utilizes Bi Axial glass fibre coating a Paulownia wood core. The HRD Helical rail is a three part design, thin and defined in the centre and thick near the feet, then thinning out again towards the tips. It feels like you are riding above the water, not on it...






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