CABRINHA TEAM RIDER: Therese Taabbel and the gear she rides.

CABRINHA TEAM RIDER: Therese Taabbel and the gear she rides.


Theresa Taabbel was born on October 3, 1996 in Denmark. She started kitesurfing at the age of 11, using her father as an anchor on the beach as she was light enough to be taken by the smallest kite! She came into kiteboarding because of her father who was taking lesson at the time and well, she couldn't help herself from trying. She now is a sponsored rider for the well know for Cabrinah Kiteboarding and rides the CABRINHA CHAOS and the XCALIBER, here is a taste of how she rides ;)



This is a no nonsense C-Kite thoroughbred. Its high aspect ratio, five strut design is supported by suspension lines that cradle the leading edge. This helps maintain the ARC and stability of the kite, and allows it fly through the tightest of loops while maintaining a steady pull as opposed to pivoting. The bar pressure is light while maintaining a direct and intuitive feel to it, as well as allowing enough slack after popping for the advanced freestyle tricks. The bar comes standard with a fully adjustable system, allowing you to lengthen it for faster turning or shorten it for more stability.



This board is a no nonsense, high performance freestyle board that is guaranteed to put a massive grin on any advanced/intermediate riders face. Its high performance stems from the extensive use of carbon during construction that stiffens the flex pattern, for maximum response and mind boggling pop. The rocker line allows for great drive into powered freestyle moves while retaining upwind performance. The double concave with cantered rail panels shift into a quad concave tip bottom shape. This channels the water flow for maximum edge control, board response, and smooth landings. A single pour, ultra-bond liquid polyurethane elastomer around the entire board is the ultimate impact resistance.




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