Cabrinhas Nick Jacobsen and the gear he rides.

Cabrinhas Nick Jacobsen and the gear he rides.


The most eccentric, crazy kitesurfer by a country mile. Born in Denmark, he rides for Cabrinha Kiteboarding and recently came 1st in the 2017 Red Bull King Of the Air in Cape Town. He is most famous for his hooked in big air freestyle but also likes to unhook and do some handle pass moves. 


Here is a look at the kite and board he rides;



The Cabrinah FX has been developed with the riding style of Nick Jacobsen and has produced an all around freestyle kite for the intermediate to advanced rider who enjoys a mix of unhooked freestyle, kite loops and big airs. The FX is a crossover C-kite, designed to cover all bases of freestyle while remaining highly responsive and smooth in power delivery.



This is a three strut, modified C-shape kite with boxy wingtips designed for the riders who are willing to take their free style to the next level. While in flight, it sits very far forward in the wind window, allowing for good upwind ability, line slack and aggressive pop for unhooking. The pully-less bridle allows for fast kiteloops, while allowing the kite to return to 12 to catch you on the way down! 






For freeride or freestyle, the 2017 Cabrinha Ace should be your weapon of choice. Tough, lightweight and with a responsive feel thanks to its construction, it has smooth riding capabilities and is easy to cruise upwind with and hold an edge. This year they have increased the width of the tail for more upwind drive. It has an aggressive bottom shape with channels for extra grip and to soften the landing when jumping. It has a moderate rocker line, flat enough that it will still fly upwind hassle free but curved enough that it will stick any landing.






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