C-Kites. The competition ready kites of 2017

C-Kites. The competition ready kites of 2017

The C-kite was one of the first designs of kite and have endured throughout the years because of their direct feel, unhooked ability and explosive pop that is unique to their shape. The new technology has added to the safety aspects, but the C-Kite remains one of the most un-adulterated pleasures in kiteboarding. Here is our collection of the 2017 completion C-Kites.


The RAZOR is a dedicated C-kite with a high aspect ratio and boxed wingtips, these characteristics make it extremely fast in the turns with a direct feeling in the bar.  


This kite has a 5th line which gives the structure more rigidness, no matter what flying maneuvers you throw at it, increasing the over all stability and responsiveness. This years kite has better parked low end grunt, making it a more versatile kite with a much larger wind range.


This is a no nonsense C-Kite thoroughbred. Its high aspect ratio, five strut design is supported by suspension lines that cradle the leading edge. This helps maintain the ARC and stability of the kite, and allows it to fly through the tightest of loops while maintaining a steady pull as opposed to pivoting. 


The bar pressure is light while maintaining a direct and intuitive feel to it, as well as allowing enough slack after popping for the advanced freestyle tricks. The bar comes standard with a fully adjustable system, allowing you to lengthen it for faster turning or shorten it for more stability. 


This is a thoroughbred competition wakestyle kite designed for unhooked tricks. Its five strut deep C-Shape and five line setup are designed to give you the beautiful line slack needed by wake style riders. All of Cores German engineering genius had been pumped into this kite such as CoreTex triple ripstop and ExoTex Dacron meaning that this kite can take the beating that inevitably happen when going for adrenaline pumped powered wake style moves.


The patented DELTA C SHAPE concept that was developed with the BANDIT answers to all disciplines of kiteboarding. The quality of flight behavior achieved with this shape creates a kite that is both smooth and controllable, but can still pack a punch when you ask for it. It does all of this while remaining very user friendly, safe and easy to relaunch off the water. 

F-One takes no shortcuts when releasing a new model, testing over 70-80 prototypes over a 10 month period. Needles to say, the end result is nothing short of stunning!


The Enduro has a open C-shape with a swept arc on the leading edge giving it a great wind range, a direct feel in the bar, great boost for jumping and backward drift ability for the waves. 


While free riding the kite is extremely comfortable to fly, boasting a smooth power delivery and predictable handling. It is also behaves well while unhooked, delivering a massive 'pop and drop', making handle passes easier through line slack. The most impressive thing for us at Ocean Extreme is the bridle system that allows you to select the riding style you'd prefer on that day, the options being wave, freeride and freestyle. In the wave setting it decreases bar pressure and increases the de-powered turning ability of the kite, the freestyle setting makes the kite more stable with an increased bar pressure and freeride being the ultimate easy of riding.   

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