AIRUSH TEAM RIDER: Bruna Kajiya and the gear she rides.

AIRUSH TEAM RIDER: Bruna Kajiya and the gear she rides.



29 years of age and born in Sau Paulo, Brazil. This Professional female rider is sponsored by the well known Airush Kiteboarding company and has competed internationally crowning herself the title of World Champion in 2009. Her preferred  weapons of choice are the combination of the AIRUSH RAZOR and DIAMOND TWIN TIP, here is a look at how she rides..




The RAZOR is a dedicated C-kite with a high aspect ratio and boxed wingtips, these characteristics make it extremely fast in the turns with a direct feeling in the bar. This kite has a 5th line which gives the structure more rigidness no matter the flying maneuvers you throw at it, increasing the over all stability and responsiveness. This years kite has better parked low end grunt, making it a more versatile kite with a much larger wind range.



The Diamond has a softer flex pattern but retains the construction quality, progressive rocker and bottom shape synonymous with the boards that Airush make. Its softer flex pattern, narrower stance, reduced weight and narrower outline are the aspects that contributes to this board being suited more to the ladies. It also has a more asymmetrical design that allows a stiffer heel that improves its upwind ability and softer toes side edge for carves.





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