Airush Team Rider: Alex Pastor

Airush Team Rider: Alex Pastor

This Spaniard took the world championship in 2013 and has other achievements such as being named the 2016 GKA Rider of the Year and 3x Vice World Champion. Here is a look at how and what he choses to ride..

Age: 26
Lives: Tarifa, Spain
Kiting Since: 2003
Airush Since: 2010
Favourite discipline: Wakestyle/ Freestyle
Kite: Airush Razor
Board: Airush Livewire Team 140
Favourite spot: Tarifa and Cauipe
Other Sponsors: MINI, Multipower Sportsfood, ION
Best Result: 2016 GKA Rider of the Year, 2013 World Champion, 3x Vice World Champion


This is the freestyle weapon of choice for team rider Alex Pastor, the World Championship title holder. This year the board has an increased stiffness in the tips to accentuate pop and drive, as well as a dual rocker and deep channels for powered riding. The pop is increased by the Carbon Torsion working with the shape that allows the board to tension up during load and the release to provide an aggressive launch of the water. The combination of a wood core and laminate provides a smooth landing, even on the most powered tricks by being able to absorb the impact. The lightweight top sheet outer layer is durable without adding unnecessary weight.



The RAZOR is a dedicated C-kite with a high aspect ratio and boxed wingtips, these characteristics make it extremely fast in the turns with a direct feeling in the bar. This kite has a 5th line which gives the structure more rigidness no matter the flying maneuvers you throw at it, increasing the over all stability and responsiveness. This years kite has better parked low end grunt, making it a more versatile kite with a much larger wind range.


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