Airstyle: The Original Discipline

Airstyle: The Original Discipline

Airstyle freestyle was the first discipline in kite boarding and has a large array of tricks that are always done while the rider is hooked in. Here is a video for you to get an idea of what its all about.

These tricks need a kite that has big boosting power and huge airtime, this is our selection of kites that are perfect for that!!


The Lithium has been designed for the rider who likes to do it all, whether its freeride, freestyle or waves, its Delta Hybrid design boasts fantastic park power, stability and ease of use, making it the perfect kite for your quiver.




Designed to excel in waves, to push your limits on really big days or to free ride gently on your board of choice, the FREE has got you covered. Its 3 strut, delta bow design is tailored to give you the freedom of choice when it comes to what style you feel like riding on that particular session.



After 2 years of development and a revolutionary new bridle configuration, F-One releases the FURTIVE. A high aspect ratio kite designed to perform in speed racing, long distance racing and hangtime expression sessions.


The idea behind the APOLLO was to create a highly efficient free ride kite intended for huge floaty airs, foil boarding or racing. It has a flat, high aspect ratio that harnesses all the power the atmosphere has to offer and serve it up on a silver platter for your disposal.



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