A snowkiter glides down the side of a mountain on his OZONE R1 V2

This video is incredible. Rider Jonas Lengwiler glides gently off the side of a steep slope and glides his OZONE R1 V2, lifting him 20 ft in the air at one point. It looks so peaceful on the way down!


The Ozone R1 is a foil kite Developed without compromise using proven Chrono technology, the R1 produces breath-taking speed and performance. The ultra clean leading edge, smooth surfaces and number of cells give an insight into its capabilities. But it's what you can't see that makes this race focused kite so special, the feeling on the bar and the responsiveness of this high aspect wing is unique.

Our newly calculated sail tension brings a level of stability that surpasses every high performance kite we have ever produced by far. Combined with new diagonal ribs, a high aspect ratio planform, reduced cell width and a new high performance profile the boundaries of performance have been re-defined again. The R1 is truly a race pedigree performance kite that will inspire confidence to the rider while delivering outstanding racing performance on the water, land or snow.

The R1 is for advanced riders only who have previous foil kite experience. It is not difficult to fly but there are techniques required to fly a high aspect ratio foil kite.





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