A beginners guide to packing away your kite.

A beginners guide to packing away your kite.

Kites are expensive toys that need caring for if you'd like to squeeze every last session out of them. Packing away your kite is an essential skill to master as it will definitely be something you will do on a regular basis! Here are the basic steps to doing it correctly:

1) Deflate your kite and lay it out on soft clean ground, grass works perfectly.

2) Fold one wingtip inwards starting from the closest strut.

3) Roll up the kite stoping at the center strut (try to get the roll as tight as possible) then repeat on the other side.

4) Lay one roll over the other and begin folding the kite starting from the opposite end of the leading edge (the trailing edge), two folds is all that's needed.

It should look something like this!

5) Now just to pack it into its bag!

And thats it, you're all done. Remember to keep your kite free of sand and always pack it away dry, happy kiting from us at Ocean Extreme!





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