Introducing the 2017 Airush Lithium

Introducing the 2017 Airush Lithium

The Lithium has been designed for the rider who likes to do it all. Whether its freeride, freestyle or waves, its Delta Hybrid design boasts fantastic park power, stability and ease of use, making it the perfect kite for your quiver. The Lithium is a Delta Hybrid kite, its wingtip and strut layout gives this kite a quick response time and effortless water re-launch. The increased area achieved by the squared off wingtips increase unhooked and general performance without sacrificing its stable flying characteristic or large wind range. So we put it to the test!


As you may or may not know, the lithium is our choice of kite for our lessons at Ocean Extreme Sports. The reason we chose this kite is because of its bullet proof design, high safety standard and stable predictable flying. As soon as you take it out of the bag, the build quality of this kite is apparent. Just the stitching and material itself gives the leading edge and canopy a very solid feel, let alone the fact that this kite is reinforced with Kevlar bumpers and scratch resistant pads. The Dyneema Load Frame,  not only strengthens the canopy against stretch, it actually looks really good too! You can tell that Airush have made this kite to last a lifetime. As an instructor, I have personally seen this kite slammed multiple times on the beach, and as painful as it was to watch, the kite was unscathed. It is a real testament to the construction quality of the kite, thumbs up guys!



The Lithium is an extremely stable kite while in flight and its Hybrid shape has a massive wind range, perfect for locations were the wind speed changes mid session! Its handling is good too, it has a positive but light feeling in the bar that makes steering the kite almost intuitive. Its power delivery is smooth and the low end grunt of this kite is note worthy. It certainly does not steer as fast or have the high end power of a C-kite, but as a entry level to intermediate rider, this is a good thing!


The Dyneema Load Frame technology ensures that the load of the kite is absorbed not by the canopy, but by a low stretch, light weight web of yarn called dyneema. This eliminates the stretch of the canopy cloth.

The Technoforce D2 fabric used on this kite has survived vigorous testing and emerged as the highest long term reliable fabric available. It is used in combination with the dyneema load frame, making it low stretch and highly UV stable.

A V3 Bridle system is key to giving this kite unparalleled turning speed and depower. The position of the bridles and pulleys give the perfect combination of a light bar feel with enough direct response to really feel the kite, even when fully de-powered.

The Line Adjustment system on the rear lines allows you to easily adjust the bar pressure and response time. The setting closest to the wingtip will decrease the bar pressure and increase the turning speed, while further away from the wingtip will do the opposite.

Airush Bumpers can be found throughout the leading edge in order to increase the longevity of your kite by reinforcing it against the typical wear and tear it may receive on rough surfaces.

Kevlar Reinforcements, the material found in bullet proof vests, can be found throughout the kite to reinforce critical areas prone to damage, all while minimizing it weight.

The FBI (fast bladder inflation) system uses a single point inflation and deflation system with a large diameter tubing to get you out on the water faster than the rest!

2017 Airush Lithium Kite Tech from Airush on Vimeo.


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